16TH MUNICH ECONOMIC SUMMIT – A New Era Begins in 2018

Reshaping Europe

The world is changing fast and Europe faces a host of challenges. In this uncertain environment the Munich Economic Summit—an in-depth forum for developing and reshaping Europe — matters more than ever. The freshly reformatted, biennial summit will bring together renowned international academics and top decision-makers from politics, business, media and society to discuss key European policy issues.

The program in the pipeline for 2018 will take an economics-based approach to
analysing issues like Europe’s role and competitiveness in the world, as well as the internal constitution and integration process of the European Union.


Fifteen years ago, the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and CESifo Group Munich —a joint initiative of the University of Munich and the ifo Institute — launched the Munich Economic Summit. This annual event offered internationally acclaimed academics and Europe’s top leaders from business and politics an opportunity to exchange ideas on key issues in an informal setting.

As of 2018, the ifo Institute will take over as sole organiser of the Summit, which will be held every two years. With higher international visibility, the new Summit will focus more strongly on the economics of key European policy issues.