Where is Europe Heading? New Perspectives for an Old Continent

The European Union is undergoing probably the most radical upheaval since its foundation. The international community is fighting for cohesion. Nationalism is strengthening in some countries and populists are questioning the basic democratic values of the EU. The struggle for a political and economic position vis-à-vis China and the USA has also been newly inflamed. New ideas and effective political measures are needed to solve these and other challenges.

To address these fundamental issues at the beginning of the new decade, the Munich Economic Summit as a European economic policy forum matters more than ever.

By covering topics that address Europe’s current challenges and opportunities, the summit in 2020 aims to provide constructive and positive contributions to greater European cohesion and prosperous development. The summit under the topic “Where is Europe Heading? New Perspectives for an Old Continent” will deal with issues like Europe’s role and competitiveness in an uncertain economic environment, the rise and consequences of economic nationalism, as well as the governance of the Eurozone Monetary and Fiscal Policy.

The summit takes place in Munich on 22 July 2020 at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria.


The Munich Economic Summit (MES) is an international forum for in-depth discussion of European economic policy issues. Every two years it hosts top-level government representatives, outstanding international academics and high-ranking decisionmakers from business, media and society in Munich.

Its mission is to identify and discuss key challenges of the EU and convey possible solutions. The event will be featured in leading European media. The summit program comprises top class speeches, intensive talks in interactive sessions, and a forum for personal and professional exchange.


The ifo Institute is one of Europe’s leading economic research institutes and has a very high-profile media presence. The ifo Institute forms a bridge between academic research and public discourse. It focuses on applied economic research with clear policy implications with a view to achieving greater stability, prosperity and cohesion for Europe and the world. It strives to comply with the highest scientific standards and aims to play a policy advisory role and contribute to policy debate.

CESifo is a global independent research network. Its mission is to advance international scientific knowledge exchange about economics and economic policy, to strengthen the cooperation between the ifo Institute and the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) in Munich and to maintain Munich as a vibrant hub of economic debate in Europe.



In the year 2002, the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and CESifo — a joint initiative of the University of Munich and the ifo Institute — launched the Munich Economic Summit. The annual summit became an international renowned event offering internationally acclaimed academics and Europe’s top leaders from business and politics an opportunity to exchange ideas on key issues in an informal setting.

In 2018, a new era began. The ifo Institute and CESifo, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria, have taken over as sole organizers.