The coronavirus was first detected in China at the end of 2019, where it caused a public health emergency, as well as huge economic damage. Since the outbreak began high numbers of cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) have also been reported in other developed economies, with this number continuing to grow rapidly. Many countries are attempting to flatten the epidemic curve through social distancing measures and shutdowns. This will trigger both a supply– and a demand shock in the affected countries, which in turn poses the biggest challenge in the economic response to the virus. The consequences are tremendous, both on a personal level and – of course – on an economic level.

We too try to flatten the curve and therefore have decided to postpone the Munich Economic Summit to 2021. In 2021, it will be even more important to have a discussion with high level policy makers, representatives from industry as well as researchers on how to finance the recovery in the European Union. Therefore, we hope to welcome you online or in real-life, depending on the situation in 2021 for the Munich Economic Summit 2021.


The Munich Economic Summit (MES) is an international forum for in-depth discussion of European economic policy issues. Every two years it hosts top-level government representatives, outstanding international academics and high-ranking decisionmakers from business, media and society in Munich.

Its mission is to identify and discuss key challenges of the EU and convey possible solutions. The event will be featured in leading European media. The summit program comprises top class speeches, intensive talks in interactive sessions, and a forum for personal and professional exchange.


The ifo Institute is one of Europe’s leading economic research institutes and has a very high-profile media presence. The ifo Institute forms a bridge between academic research and public discourse. It focuses on applied economic research with clear policy implications with a view to achieving greater stability, prosperity and cohesion for Europe and the world. It strives to comply with the highest scientific standards and aims to play a policy advisory role and contribute to policy debate.

CESifo is a global independent research network. Its mission is to advance international scientific knowledge exchange about economics and economic policy, to strengthen the cooperation between the ifo Institute and the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) in Munich and to maintain Munich as a vibrant hub of economic debate in Europe.



In the year 2002, the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and CESifo — a joint initiative of the University of Munich and the ifo Institute — launched the Munich Economic Summit. The annual summit became an international renowned event offering internationally acclaimed academics and Europe’s top leaders from business and politics an opportunity to exchange ideas on key issues in an informal setting.

In 2018, a new era began. The ifo Institute and CESifo, in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria, have taken over as sole organizers.