Reshaping Europe

The world is changing fast and Europe seems to be lurching from one emergency to the next. In addition to inherent differences and tensions, Europe faces a host of (economic) challenges including high youth unemployment, the currency union, the UK decision to leave the EU, migration pressures, security concerns, uncertain transatlantic relations and geopolitical threats, the risks and opportunities of digitalisation, and the rise of “anti-EU” movements and political parties.

Currently representatives of European governments and the EU are actively discussing the idea of further deepening the EU. Large swathes of the European population, however, harbour concerns over deeper integration and further transfers of power to EU institutions. But what is the best way of achieving greater European cohesion? How will and should the future of Europe look in this uncertain environment? How can Europe solve its inherent crisis and what does it require for a successful relaunch? What should be the role, constitution and competences of the EU and the currency union?

To address these fundamental questions, the Munich Economic Summit as a European economic policy forum matters more than ever. By covering topics that address Europe’s current challenges and opportunities, the summit in 2018 aims to provide constructive and positive contributions to greater European cohesion and prosperous development. The summit under the topic “Reshaping Europe” will deal with issues like Europe’s role and competitiveness in an uncertain and digital world, the stability of the financial sector, governance of the European Monetary Union and Eurozone Fiscal Policy, as well as the internal constitution, future role and (dis)integration process of the EU.


Top-level government representatives, outstanding international academics and high-ranking decisionmakers from business, media and society will meet to discuss key European policy issues face-to-face and with high international visibility at the Munich Economic Summit.

The summit is an international policy forum for in-depth discussion of European economic policy issues. Its programme features top class and insightful speeches, intensive talks in interactive sessions, and a forum for personal and professional exchange.